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Luxury professional spa uniform

Luxury professional spa uniform, it’s a uniform designed for relaxation. An escape to a nicer world where one moment restores years of accumulated stress.

Formal, but at the same time very relaxed and simple with just the right balance of colours and patterns. 

Comfortable And Fashion-Forward Luxury Spa Uniforms

It’s a uniform that makes you feel whole. A world where one can just be.The Uniform as Aesthetic ObjectThe uniform is not only fetishized for its practical qualities, but also for aesthetic reasons. In the militarized society of military uniforms, the uniform confers a certain status on the wearer—a soldier is seen as ‘more than’ someone who simply wears civilian clothes.

The French Revolutionaries dressed their best in uniforms to distinguish themselves from.

spa uniform

Only high-quality materials are used: pure alpaca wool and organic cotton. The most pure materials attract the most beauty, because they allow it to come forth effortlessly. .The garment is a true work of art, made with the finest materials.

spa uniform

The garment is a true work of art made with only the best materials. The company uses high-quality organic cotton and pure alpaca wool. The garment will attract beauty effortlessly and will last for a long time because it is made from quality materials.

spa uniform

The company offers a variety of products for the customers to choose from. The customer can make their order by going to the company’s website and filling out the order form. The customer can also call or email the company if they have any questions about their order or want to inquire about new products.

spa uniform

Duttons is a company that offers luxury uniforms for the spa and wellness industry. We design and manufacture high quality, custom-made uniforms for our customers.

Our apparel is designed and handmade exclusively by our skilled seamstresses in the U.K.Take a moment to visit our website to see all of the luxury spa uniforms we offer, or contact us to request a quote for your project.

spa uniform

It goes without saying that people enter spas to get relaxation and pampering. They are in what is intended as an oasis of wellbeing so they don’t want to feel like they’re on the spa floor while they’re there.

spa uniform

The same goes for people who visit beauty salons – they’ll spend a whole lot of money to have high end treatments, but they don’t want high end prices because it might make them feel out of place or guilty in some way when there just gets massages or haircuts.

With our uniform collections, you won’t worry about feeling out of place in your spa uniform anymore; it will seem like an extension of yourself (or at least feel like one).

spa uniform

This is why Duttons puts its customers first – not only do we employ two creative directors with over 40 years of experience in the industry, but we also fly to each project and make sure our artists produce a compelling reflection of your brand.Duttons is proud to offer free consultations for all projects.

spa uniform

Sixty years ago Australian Judith Cantlin partnered with her friend Roma Wimmer Burke, a San Francisco-based milliner and the founder of Burke’s Garments.

They created a luxury uniform collection designed for spas, beauty salons and resorts. The uniforms are available in green cottons as well as sustainable merino wool. The world’s most luxurious spa uniform collections

Adding substantial value in cosmetics departments

spa uniform

In November last year we introduced our Luxury Professional Spa Uniform collection designed for spas, beauty salons, resorts and wellness industry.

Also in our offer are hats, suits, jackets and T shirts that were modeled so that beauticians could dress appropriately for work with dignity.

Today different colors of 60 lengths сotton jackets may embroider faces or suits may be embellished with beads or pearls to match your style – That is why we call it artistry

Spa owners can now improve their bottom line by helping distribute premium product lines to the clients

spa uniform

Spa uniforms Ho Chi Minh – The city worth living as its name suggests is a resting stop for a series of spa beauties

If you have the opportunity to come here during the tourist season, why not try the beauty salons here. Because of skyrocketing customers, spa uniforms are also very important to the Spas here, go to: 748/6 Thong Nhat, Ward 15, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh to order sewing the most beautiful uniforms.


  • -/Technical Contact (+84) 0972.87.1518 
  • -/97 Street No. 10, Ward 15, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Website:

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