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Vietnam Shoes Factory Manufacturer & Supplier – Welcome to our official guide on finding shoe suppliers in Vietnam. This guide will cover all the essential information about manufacturing in Vietnam.

Vietnam is known for its highly developed footwear manufacturing industry and is currently the world’s 2nd largest footwear exporter after China. Vietnam’s footwear export economy is worth $22B/year.

Vietnam Shoes
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The largest footwear brands, such as Nike and Adidas, are moving production to Vietnam. Are you ready to start manufacturing your shoes in Vietnam? Use this guide to get started! If you’re considering manufacturing shoes in Asia, Vietnam is the best country.

We’ll break down information such as the Vietnamese footwear economy, manufacturing capacity, finding shoe suppliers, placing orders with Vietnamese manufacturers, and a list of the top manufacturers in Vietnam.

Scroll below for our top 10 list of shoe manufacturers in Vietnam.The following shoes can be manufactured in Vietnam:

  • Sneakers in Vietnam
  • Sports shoes In Vietnam
  • Lace-up shoes In Vietnam
  • Formal shoes/Oxfords In Vietnam
  • Loafers in Vietnam
  • Sandals In Vietnam
  • Slippers In Vietnam
  • Ballet shoes in Vietnam
  • Boat shoes in Vietnam
  • Snowshoes in Vietnam
  • Traditional shoes (Klompen, bast, geta, opanci, etc.)
  • And many, many more shoe styles!

Pro Tip: Contact Cosmo Sourcing, and we’ll get in touch with Vietnamese suppliers to find the brand of shoes you need to manufacture.

Vietnam’s Shoes and Footwear industry overview

Vietnam Shoes
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The Vietnamese Leather and Footwear Association, or ‘LEFASO,’ stated that Vietnam exported over $22B worth of shoe products in 2019 alone – this represents an increase of 12% compared to the year prior. Vietnam exclusively used to export shoes to US and EU-based markets.

However, it’s recently started exporting footwear to locations in Asia and Latin America – it’s now common to find Vietnamese-made footwear in countries like Chile, Mexico, Peru, Korea, and Japan.

The president of LEFASO also stated, “Our annual industrial production index has expanded by over 10%, and our exports exceeded USD 22 billion for the year, surpassing the target we’ve set.

The positive economic data signals that the footwear sector in Vietnam has been growing exponentially since 2014, and we intend to seize every opportunity”.

The Vietnamese footwear export market has reached almost every corner of the Earth, but 70 countries imported more than $1M worth of Vietnamese footwear last year.

The wide variety of countries that import Vietnamese-made footwear means that almost half of all countries consume Vietnamese footwear in large quantities.

Vietnamese factories can manufacture millions of pairs of shoes every month. Now is the best time to get involved in the footwear industry in Vietnam.

Vietnam Shoe Manufacturing Capacity & Exports

Vietnam Shoes
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Vietnam has a near-unlimited shoe manufacturing capacity. Footwear is one of the leading industries that Vietnamese manufacturing excels in, and we’d argue it’s the best location to manufacture shoes in the world – Yes, beating out China.

The quality is identical to China’s, and the labor force is significantly lower, while dozens of factories employ thousands of workers specializing in footwear. Cosmo Sourcing can help put you in touch with every single one!

Let’s have a look at the primary data points. To start with, Vietnam exports nearly 50% of all footwear to 2 primary markets: the US and the Chinese. Last year Vietnam exported nearly $ 6B worth of footwear to the US and around $2B to China. The list included EU countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, etc.), Canada, Korea, Japan, and Mexico.

In 2019, Vietnam exported a total of 883,000,000 pairs of shoes internationally. Out of that total number, 75,000,000 pairs were textile footwear, and 282,000,000 were leather footwear.

According to the latest data released by the WFY (World Footwear Yearbook), Vietnam’s footwear exports are expected to reach 1 billion pairs.

Regarding worldwide ranking, Vietnam is currently the #2nd largest footwear manufacturer after China, with a 7.1% share of the world market.

China is still the undisputed leader in footwear manufacturing, with 67% of the world market.

Footwear Manufacturing In Vietnam // Future Predictions

Vietnam Shoes
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Vietnam’s government plans to support shoe manufacturers in the future. The Vietnamese Minister of Industry and Trade stated: “Vietnamese shoe manufacturers must undergo reforms to improve their technology, boost their productivity, and become more competitive on the global market.

Our ministry is currently building a footwear strategy for this valuable Vietnamese sector with an emphasis on 2030 and a vision for 2035 – the government will assist all shoe manufacturers who need help to stimulate this industry”.

LEFASO claims that even after the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, the industrial output in terms of footwear will keep growing at over 10% a year, which means that next year, the export value will be closer to $25B/year. In addition, footwear’s localization rate will continue growing in the domestic market.

If we analyze historical patterns, we at Cosmo noticed that the big shift in Vietnamese footwear happened around the middle of the 2010s when big brands like Nike and Adidas were closing factories in China and moving manufacturing to Vietnam almost exclusively.

So the world’s biggest apparel brands made moves that clearly show how Asia’s manufacturing sector is shifting and how the map is being redrawn.

Vietnam currently manufactures 2x more Adidas footwear than China. Nike still manufactures a similar amount of footwear in both countries, but it’s expected to soon shift to Vietnam.

Even though certain economies can manufacture footwear at cheaper rates (such as Bangladesh, India, etc.), manufacturers are still choosing Vietnam due to its high production capacity, product quality, and convenient shipping location along the Pacific Coast.

The proximity to China is another benefit as it allows suppliers to source materials from China directly. Most shoe manufacturers in Vietnam are located in Hanoi, a province bordering Guangxi in southern China.

Are you ready to get started manufacturing shoes in Vietnam? We can connect you with the leading shoe manufacturers in Vietnam and negotiate on your behalf.

We can ensure that your designs are manufactured in a world-class factory and that your goods are suitable for export to US/EU markets. Get in touch with Cosmo now – we’ve sourced over $40M worth of Vietnam products.

The footwear industry in Vietnam is closely connected to other large export industries and is one of the Vietnamese export economy pillars. Aside from footwear, we can also help you source related products such as:

  • Fashion/clothing
  • Bags/handcrafts
  • Suitcases
  • Leather products
  • Fashion accessories

And more.

NATURALLY FOOTWEAR IMEX. CO., LTD Manufacturing Shoes In Vietnam

Vietnam Shoes
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What is the main reason to start manufacturing shoes in Vietnam? The big boys are doing it! Nike and Adidas both chose Vietnam over China for their footwear manufacturing HQ. At the start of the 2010s, with surging labor costs in China, manufacturers were looking for alternative countries.

One of those options was Bangladesh, but Adidas chose Vietnam due to its more convenient shipping logistics and superior infrastructure. As a result, Adidas cut 50% of its production in China and moved almost all those jobs to Vietnam.

According to Kasper Rorsted (CEO of Adidas), in 2017, 44% of all Adidas footwear was manufactured in Vietnam. For comparison, only 19% of Adidas footwear was manufactured in China.

The shift means that the world’s largest corporations are now ditching China in favor of Vietnam, and this trend only keeps accelerating. For instance, Adidas only manufactured 31% of its footwear in Vietnam in 2012, which is now almost 50%.

Nike started slowly moving sneakers and appeal production out of China to Vietnam. They specifically built large production facilities in the country, and now Nike manufactures more footwear in Vietnam than it does in China.

If you pick up any random Nike shoe at the moment, there’s more than a 50% chance Nike made it in Vietnam. These corporations are not the only footwear companies to make a move to Vietnam. German footwear giant Puma announced that it would likely choose Vietnam as its next manufacturing destination.

How To Manufacture Shoes In Vietnam

Vietnam Shoes
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Manufacturing shoes in Vietnam are relatively straightforward and even easier than manufacturing other types of products. The ease is because Vietnamese shoe suppliers have experienced large production capacities – whatever you need, they’ll get it done. In our experience, the order process goes like this:

  • Finding suppliers (we can recommend reliable footwear suppliers!).
  • Consulting the suppliers for designs. Note: Many suppliers ask for your shoe designs or manufacture their own based on pre-existing templates.
  • Negotiating the MOQ.
  • Producing the first samples (subject to client approval).
  • Order fulfillment.
  • Negotiating export terms/shipping logistics.

Note: The supplier will ask you to send them your shoe designs as a general requirement. We can put you in touch with suppliers who can help you design your shoes, but it goes a lot faster if you have designs of your own that you can supply the manufacturer with.

The supplier might require additional documentation, such as a bill of materials and label files. If you want to export the shoes to international markets such as the US or EU, you’ll have to work with an accredited supplier whose products comply with international standards.

MOQs For Shoe Manufacturing In Vietnam

Vietnam Shoes
Dịch vụ in ấn khẩu trang các loại

The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for manufacturing shoes in Vietnam differs from the provider. The MOQ is our customers’ main concern at Cosmo Sourcing because the manufacturer might require a large commitment, especially if they’re reliable manufacturers known to work with large brands.

We find that, on average, the suppliers will ask you to purchase between 500-5000 pieces on your first order (for every individual design or color).

The largest manufacturers start at 10,000 pieces and above. We find this is a relatively good deal considering the price per pair is still much lower than in China, and the margins are excellent for investors who can support this kind of volume. We will always be able to negotiate the MOQ down to minimize the risk for our clients.

How To Find Shoe Suppliers In Vietnam

Vietnam Shoes
Vietnam Shoes Factory Manufacturer & Supplier

There are thousands of shoe suppliers and factories in Vietnam. Even in single provinces like Hanoi, you will stumble upon hundreds of factories specializing in certain sub-categories of shoe manufacturing.

Some large “do-it-all” shoe manufacturers (listed below) can manufacture every type of shoe and have production capacities of millions of pairs per month. Scroll below for our list of the largest shoe manufacturers in Vietnam. The following are reliable websites where you can find shoe manufacturers in the country:

  • Check out our full list of Alibaba Alternatives for Vietnam to find any product, including shoes.
  • Global Sources Vietnam
  • VietAZ
  • Vietnam Trade Shows for Shoes

In Vietnam, a lot of business is conducted the old-fashioned way. You can visit trade shows if you want to meet the largest footwear suppliers in the country. The biggest trade show in Vietnam is the “International Footwear And Leather Products Exhibition,” event that virtually every notable manufacturer attends.

This trade show is only held once a year in HCMC. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2020 event was postponed. The next IFLE event is scheduled for 14-16 July 2021 at the Saigon Conventional & Exhibition Center (Ho Chi Minh City).

List of Top Footwear Suppliers In Vietnam

Vietnam Shoes
Vietnam Shoes Factory Manufacturer & Supplier

TBS Group

TBS Group is a large fashion manufacturer specializing in several appeal and footwear industries. The group is one of Vietnam’s largest companies, with over 25,000 full-time employees.

We estimate they are among the top 5 footwear manufacturers in Vietnam, with over 21 million pairs of shoes manufactured and exported every year. The shoe volume means the company produces nearly 1-2% of all Vietnamese footwear exports.

TBS Group currently has 33 production factories and has been operational for over 25 years. TBS Group is highly experienced in international trade and collaborates with foreign buyers frequently – they also have the most high-tech manufacturing plant in Vietnam.

Their clients are large footwear companies like Sketchers. TBS Group’s business services include logistics, hospitality, retail, asset management, handbag manufacturing, and investment services.

Kingmaker Group

Kingmaker Group is one of the longest-standing footwear manufacturers in Asia and Vietnam. It was one of the industry pioneers when the company was founded in 1980 in Changhua, Taiwan, and quickly expanded to South-East Asia countries.

Kingmaker Group has over 40 years of experience in the footwear industry and employs 9,000 workers in its numerous factories.

Kingmaker Group is a publicly-traded company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and possesses a large manufacturing factory in Vietnam.

Kingmaker Group also manufactures footwear in China and Cambodia. Kingmaker Group has an impressive list of big-name clients such as Asics, CAT, Skechers, and Roxy. Kingmaker Group’s factories were modernized in 2014, and since then, they have had a production capacity of 10 million pairs of shoes per year.

Alena Footwear Company

Alena Footwear Company is a contemporary shoe manufacturing company in Vietnam. Alena Footwear Company has a maximum production capacity of 24,000,000 pairs of shoes and employs 10,000 workers.

Alena Footwear Company is based out of Thanh Hoa Province and is owned by the Hong Fu Footwear Corporation, a Taiwanese-based group. The factory was started in 2014 with an investment of $14,000,000 and stretched nearly 100,000 square meters.

Properwell Group

Properwell Group is a woman’s shoe manufacturer in Vietnam. Properwell Group also specializes in the production of high-end luxury shoes for women.

Properwell Group had decades of experience in the footwear manufacturing industry when founded in 1988 in Hong Kong. Back then, Properwell Group was exclusively manufacturing sandals and high heels.

Properwell Group moved to Vietnam in 2016 with a 550 billion VND (USD 24 Million) investment and currently employs 1,000 workers in Vietnam.

Properwell Group employs over 1,800 total workers between their four factories located in Asia – their Vietnamese factory is the largest one. Their factory stretches over 10 hectares, and the factory capacity keeps expanding. In addition, Properwell Group currently offers a women’s shoe manufacturing workshop at their factory.

Horng Shin Footwear

Horng Shin Footwear is one of Vietnam’s most established footwear manufacturing companies. Horng Shin Footwear has a capacity exceeding 2,000,000 pairs of shoes annually, and the company is working on expanding that capacity constantly.

Horng Shin Footwear has been operational for two decades and provides a range of services in addition to shoe manufacturing. For example, Horng Shin Footwear can manufacture shoe soles, cycling cleats, and safety/medical shoes.

Horng Shin Footwear provides exceptional quality control services for clients and manages a large supply chain for fast international shipping.

Their primary client base consists of foreign investors looking to manufacture footwear in Vietnam. They have an experienced team that exports over 2M pairs per year, and we can put you in touch with them at Cosmo Sourcing.

Aleron Vietnam Footwear Co., Ltd.

Aleron Vietnam Footwear Co., Ltd. is a footwear manufacturing and processing company based in Thanh Hoa Province. Despite being one of the youngest footwear companies in Vietnam, it is among the fastest-growing, with over 9,000 employees.

Their factory is located in the Hoang Long Industrial and Urban Zone and stretches 234,218 square meters to manufacture millions of shoes annually.

Aleron Vietnam Footwear Co., Ltd. stands out by focusing almost exclusively on sports shoes, and its largest customers are Puma, Clark, and other UK/US-based companies.

AN LAC Footwear Joint Stock Company

AN LAC is an established footwear manufacturer based in Ho Chi Minh City that started as a leather footwear production company in 1987. With over 30 years in footwear manufacturing, AN LAC currently has 12,000,000 shoes annually.

AN LAC mostly manufactures slippers (3M pairs/year). AN LAC promises a guaranteed output of 10,000 pairs per day for customers. At the moment, the factory has 8000 full-time employees. AN LAC is owned by the BS Footwear Company based out of Korea.

Innolux Group

Innolux Group is owned by Innolux Group and is one of the most established footwear manufacturers in the world. The group was founded in Vietnam in 1996 and currently possesses 20 footwear factories.

They are among the fastest-growing manufacturers in Vietnam and provide a mix of manufacturing and mediator services. Innolux Group can manufacture everything from women’s footwear to sports shoes.

Currently, Innolux Group employs 1,600 factory workers in their Vietnam-based factory and exports over 500,000 pairs annually. The company also provides production monitoring services for quality control, ensuring every shoe undergoes quality inspections before shipping.

Dong Hung Group

Dong Hung Group stands out among footwear manufacturers for specializing in sports shoes. Dong Hung Group has worked with the largest sports apparel companies globally, such as US Polo, Superga, Marks & Spencer, and more.

Dong Hung Group has over 25 years of experience in the footwear manufacturing industry and offers various sports shoes for both genders. The company sees exponential growth and owns Hiep Tri Shoes, Duy Hung Shoes, and Dong Hung Industrial.

Hanoi Rubber Joint Stock Company

Hanoi Rubber Joint Stock Company is a casual shoe manufacturer based in Vietnam that has been exporting to international clients since 2005. Last year the company exported $4.5M worth of footwear. Hanoi Rubber Joint Stock Company primarily exports to the EU market, and Germany consumes 80% of its products.

Hanoi Rubber’s shoes are ISO 9001 certified, which means they’re suitable for international exports. The company specializes in casual fashion shoes, children’s shoes, and sports shoes. Hanoi Rubber Joint Stock Company also has an R&D team that can produce designs for customers.

Cosmo Sourcing // Your Trusted Partner In Vietnam

Vietnam Shoes
Vietnam Shoes Factory Manufacturer & Supplier

Please email us at If you are interested in sourcing from Vietnam, feel free to reach out to the team at Cosmo Sourcing; we have been helping clients source from Vietnam since 2014. Cosmo Sourcing has the skills and the Here is the continuation:

team to find you the best supplier possible. We are also established in China and are among the only companies that can find suppliers in China and Vietnam and pick the one you think is best.

Vietnam Shoes
Vietnam Shoes Factory Manufacturer & Supplier

Our Vietnam Sourcing services allow you to access new manufacturers that you would not be able to in China and avoid Tariffs. Our services are designed to do everything to take your idea, turn it into a product, and ship it to the final destination.

Cosmo can do everything from creating a product spec sheet, validation, sourcing, ordering and evaluating samples, arranging inspections, finding freight forwarders, quality assurance, negotiations, and shipping. We aim to handle every single step of your business in Vietnam for you.

Vietnam Shoes
Vietnam Shoes Factory Manufacturer & Supplier

If you start a new business, finding products and suppliers for your products is one of many things, you need to handle. Our services are designed to handle every part of your business in China and Vietnam, so you can focus on the rest of growing your own business.

We have helped clients from Fortune 500 companies, brick-and-mortar stores, FBA sellers, and brand-new businesses. So don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Vietnam Shoes
Vietnam Shoes Factory Manufacturer & Supplier

We launched the product line with unique fashion design, unique colors, elegant and seductive aroma of lavender and cinnamon bark.

The production line of Naturally Footwear (NF) has been studied effect produced by the Institute of Medicine of Ethnic of Ho Chi Minh City Clinics is certified safe products for human health and safety of patients, such as carrying cinnamon belly belt melt belly fat, blood circulation and to enhance digestive function; wearing shoe or insoles support contain lavender powder or cinnamon powder to help treat rheumatism , no smelly feet because of wearing shoes for a long time.

Vietnam Shoes
Vietnam Shoes Factory Manufacturer & Supplier

Another study showed us over 21% of adults with knee pain because of many reasons, but the main reason is due to the habit of using improper footwear.

Naturally Footwear products are made by soft nature rubber material with smooth tilt and fit to be carefully calculated based on the formula for kinetic protection knee and ankle joints.

All products of Naturally Footwear has anti-slip in wet environments. Please refer to the selection of Naturally Footwear products through catalogues, websites … at following information.

Vietnam Shoes
Vietnam Shoes Factory Manufacturer & Supplier


Address: 45A/1 Go Cam Dem Street, Ward 10, Tan Binh District.
Manufactory: 1010 Huong Lo 2 Street, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District.
Phone: (+84-028) 3974 1826
Hot line: (+84) 917 488 199

Thank all!

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