Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

Google AdSense allows bloggers and marketers to earn money from Google ads by placing them on their websites. If you want to make more money, identifying niches and keywords that deliver the most lucrative payouts is a great place to start.

Niches to Make Money
Kinh doanh làm giàu không khó

The most profitable niches for AdSense are ones where companies and ad networks pay the most per click on an ad. The cost per click (CPC) of different ads varies based on niche, location, and ad size.

You can drive paid traffic to your website and get ad clicks from site visitors. Since you’re sharing revenue with Google for clicks on your ads, you can buy traffic at lower costs and still profit.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best niches and keywords that will help you earn higher revenues from ads.


Insurance tops the list as the most lucrative niche for AdSense. The case holds the highest average CPC and top paying keywords.

Insurance companies and agencies have sizable ad budgets. They place many ads on top quality sites to raise brand awareness and get more potential customers.

Moreover, converting prospective customers in this niche yields higher returns on investment (ROI).

Legal bloggers can capitalize on content opportunities in the insurance domain. With topics like:

  • Health insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Home and more

Competition for insurance blogs and sites is getting stiffer. However, with quality posts, SEO methods and relevant keywords, you can

  • Boost your site’s rankings
  • Drive high quality traffic to your website
  • Ultimately, enjoy higher revenues from Ads served to your website

Average CPC/PPC costs for insurance

Niches to Make Money
Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

CPC refers to how much advertisers in that niche market are willing to pay per ad click. It is also the amount website owners earn each time a visitor clicks on an ad on their site.

For insurance advertising, the average cost per click can vary depending on country and location.

Top paying keywords for insurance

Some of the highest paying keywords related to insurance in the US include:

  • Geico insurance has a CPC of $83.24
  • Get auto insurance quotes instantly has a CPC of $69.72
  • Get auto insurance online has a CPC of $67.28
  • Buy auto insurance online earns a CPC of $64.94
  • Get an auto insurance quote online has a CPC of $63.75

Some of the most searched insurance keywords in the US include:

  • Farmers insurance with 450,000 searches per month
  • Farm insurance with 450,000 searches per month
  • Car insurance gets 368,000 searches per month
  • Travel insurance has 368,000 monthly searches

Online Education

Niches to Make Money
Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

Online education is another high profit potential niche for earning from Google AdSense.

In recent years, online learning and digital education have seen tremendous adoption and growth. Statistics show the e-learning market will hit $243 billion by 2022.

Students and professionals are taking advantage of opportunities to gain skills and credentials. Moreover, there are many online learning platforms that offer free and paid online courses including

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Harvard online
  • edX
  • Alison
  • Skillshare
  • LinkedIn Learning

Some of these platforms pay more to place ads on publishers’ sites in specific placements. Website owners can capitalize on opportunities existing in this niche market. They can write about topics related to

  • Free online courses
  • Paid online courses
  • Online bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • E-learning programs for corporate organizations
  • Online university programs

They can even go deeper and focus on specific subjects including:

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Cyber security
  • Digital marketing
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Arts and Crafts, etc.

Average CPC/PPC costs for Online Education

Niches to Make Money
Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

Again, data from SEMRush reveals the average CPC for the online education niche is $12.08.

Top paying keywords for online education

Some of the top paying keywords in this industry include:

  • Online classes for adults
  • Online course
  • Online elementary education
  • Online distance learning
  • Best online schools

Popular keywords in this topic include:

  • Udemy – 550,000 searches per month
  • College – 368,000 searches per month
  • Coursera – 246,000 searches per month
  • Pluralsight – 165,000 searches per month
  • Training – 110,000 searches per month

Marketing & Advertising

Niches to Make Money
Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

Marketing is a core aspect of any business and sites with marketing and advertising content get huge readership from visitors. Moreover, they enjoy high revenues from AdSense. These blogs provide detailed information on marketing strategies that can help businesses grow.

Some popular topics include:

  • Digital marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Product launches
  • Traditional advertising
  • Public Relations (PR) and advertising
  • Brand management
  • Market research

Average CPC/PPC costs for Marketing & Advertising

According to SEMRush tool data, the average PPC cost in the US for marketing & advertising niche is $6.45. In the UK, the average PPC cost is $3.49. The average CPC cost for marketing and advertising in Australia is $4.12. Canada has an average CPC cost of $2.74 for this niche market.

Top paying keywords for marketing and advertising

In the US, email marketing tools top the list of highest paying keywords with a CPC of $27.85. Ecommerce SEO has a CPC of $24.72. Local internet advertising has a CPC of $22.08. CPC for internet marketing company is $22.05. SEO consulting services has a CPC of $20.95.

PR and SEO lead the pack of highest volume keywords in this niche. They have 135,000 searches per month. Logo design gets 110,000 searches per month, while advertising gets 90,500 searches per month. Additionally, marketing gets 90,500 monthly searches.

Legal – Law

Niches to Make Money
Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

The legal niche market is another goldmine for earning from google adsense. Legal services are indispensable for businesses and individuals. Whether you want to register a new business, write a will, sell property or settle disputes, you need legal advice.

Consulting and legal services provided by law firms and lawyers do not come cheap. Lawyers and attorneys pay more for advertising, making it one of the highest paying AdSense channels.

Legal bloggers can focus on quality posts providing legal advice. They can explore topics like

  • Consulting on specific areas of law practice such as business law, personal injury or insurance law, divorce and child support
  • Step-by-step guides explaining what individuals should do when they face legal issues
  • Recent changes in laws and legal procedures
  • Commentary and analysis on popular and trending legal cases
  • Technological advances in the legal field
  • Advice for fresh law school graduates
  • Upcoming legal events and more

Average CPC/PPC costs for law

From SEMRush data, the average CPC cost for the legal niche market in the US is $6.11. Canada has an average CPC cost of $2.19.

Australia has an average CPC of $1.89 while the UK’s PPC cost is $1.81.

Top paying keywords for law

Based on keyword research tool Moz data, here are some top paying keywords available for this niche market.

  • Traductor (Legal translator) gets 4,441,481 searches per month
  • Attorney – gets 84,997 searches per month
  • Lawyer – gets 72,682 searches per month
  • Judge – gets 46,180 searches per month
  • Barrister gets 30,313 searches per month
  • Prosecutor gets 30,455 searches per month.

Internet & Telecom

Niches to Make Money
Yanet Garcia 4

The telecom and internet niche is very broad and encompasses many topics

  • Wireless technologies
  • Mobile phone technologies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Cyber security
  • Virtual reality
  • Chatbots
  • Automation
  • Big data and more

Technology is evolving at a breakneck pace. Moreover, it has transformed the way we live and interact with people.

Every day, there are amazing discoveries, products, applications, and technology solutions. While some startups are emerging, some companies are struggling to keep up.

Competition in the tech space is very stiff. Companies have readily invested heavily into advertising. So this represents an untapped niche for adsense money making blogs.

Some ideas for bloggers in this sphere include

  • Tech news and predictions
  • Disruptions in the tech space.
  • Software and tech reviews
  • Gadget reviews
  • Software troubleshooting and how-to guides
  • Computer and cellphone repairs

Average CPC/PPC costs for Internet & Telecom

According to the SEMRush CPC Map tool, the average CPC for this niche market in the US is $4.96. In the UK, the average CPC is $3.22.

Top paying keywords for Internet & Telecom

The highest paying keywords in this niche market in the UK include

  • Internet security firewall with a CPC of $155.13
  • Network firewall security with a CPC of $98.93
  • Firewall security – CPC of $81.13
  • Three mobile broadband – CPC of $37.48

Let’s look at search volumes for keywords in this niche.

  • Mobile phones gets 90,500 searches per month
  • Internet gets 74,000 searches per month
  • Data protection gets 33,100 monthly searches
  • Big data gets 27,100 monthly searches
  • Cyber security gets 22,200 monthly searches

Online Banking

Niches to Make Money
Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

The technology and innovation wave is impacting financial organizations. Banks are investing more in digital banking and online solutions. Customers are now banking and managing finances from the comfort of their couch.

They can pay bills, transfer money and manage transactions on their devices. While banks are capitalizing on opportunities in the digital payments space, fintech companies are also enjoying a fair market share.

The competition in the online banking space makes it a viable niche to earn from google adsense.

Some ideas for bloggers in this sphere include

  • Online banking strategies and investments
  • The future of digital payments
  • Online payment solutions
  • Innovations in online banking
  • Digital banking trends
  • The role of ATMs in the digital banking era
  • Online banking and its role in personal financial management
  • Tips for safe and secure use of online banking
  • The role of digital payments in boosting business growth and more

Average CPC/PPC costs for Online Banking

Again data from SEMRush reveals the average CPC for the online banking segment in the US is $4.86. In Australia, the PPC cost is $2.09. The UK has a PPC cost of $1.57 while Canada is $1.5.

Top paying keywords for online banking

The Moz Keyword Explorer reveals the highest volume keywords related to online banking in the US include:

  • Paypal login – 1,649,597 searches
  • Paypal – 12,506,965 searches
  • Google Wallet- 92,561 searches
  • Online banking – 61,564 searches
  • Apple Pay – 56,855 searches


Niches to Make Money
Vì sao khi mở cửa hàng kinh doanh thì phải có website

Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic in recent years. While many countries have become proponents of cryptocurrencies, some countries are gradually following the trend. The top cryptocurrencies include

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • XRP
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Tether
  • Litecoin
  • EOS
  • Binance Coin
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Stellar

Last year, there were 309.87 bitcoin transactions per day. Moreover, the bitcoin market capitalization was $117.81 billion.

Although this niche market is still nascent, the future looks promising. Many crypto trading and investment companies invest heavily into advertising to boost commerce.

So this niche market represents untapped potential for adsense money making blogs.

Moreover, bloggers can explore hot topics like

  • Investing in cryptocurrency: Risks and rewards
  • Top cryptocurrency exchanges
  • The future of blockchain technology
  • The role of blockchain technology in education and business
  • Deploying blockchain banking in banks and other financial institutions
  • Cryptocurrency and taxes
  • How to smartly invest in cryptocurrency

Average CPC/PPC costs for cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency segment seems promising in Australia, with an average CPC of $3.08. In the United States, the average CPC is $1.85, while the United Kingdom has an average CPC cost of $1.82.

Top paying keywords for cryptocurrency

In Australia, some of the most expensive keywords for this niche market include

  • How to buy cryptocurrency in Australia – CPC cost is $50.51
  • AUD bitcoin exchange – CPC cost is $37.22
  • Cheapest bitcoin exchange – CPC cost is $34
  • Kraken exchange – CPC cost is $32.13
  • Cryptocurrency trading sites with a CPC cost of $31.49

The most popular keywords include

  • Bitcoin price – 201,000 searches per month
  • Bitcoin – 135,000 searches per month
  • coinmarketcap- 74,000 searches per month
  • BTC markets – monthly search volume of 74000
  • BTC – 49,500 searches per month

According to Moz Keyword Explorer, the monthly search volume for “bitcoin price” is 1,008,880

Home & Garden

Niches to Make Money
Cây Ngũ Quả độc Lạ Kỳ Lạ

Home & Garden is one of the most important niches for earning from google adsense. As the saying goes: “Home is where the heart is”. Improving the home makes life easier, better and increases the sense of peace and security.

This apt niche includes everything including

  • Home decor and design
  • Gardening supplies
  • Kitchen and dining
  • Pet supplies
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Gardening and landscaping and more

Retail giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Ikea are cashing in on opportunities in the space. Websites focused on this niche market can enjoy lucrative ad payouts from relevant AdSense ads.

They can focus on topics like

  • Home improvement ideas
  • Popular house styles
  • DIY home repair tips
  • Things to note when buying a home
  • Smart home automation ideas and more

Average CPC/PPC costs for Home & Garden

SEMRush reveals that the home & garden segment in the US has an average CPC of $2.28. Canada has an average CPC of $2.21

Top paying keywords for home & garden

Based on keyword research tool Moz data, popular keywords related to this niche include

  • Home – 1,027,380 searches per month
  • Home improvement – 175,759 searches per month
  • Landscaping – 101,332 searches per month
  • Garden – 76,660 searches per month
  • Home improvement loans – 21,776 searches per month
  • House remodeling – 7,008 searches per month.

Automotive Industry

Niches to Make Money
Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

The automotive industry is one of the largest and wealthiest industries of the global economy. Statistics indicate this industry will reach $9 trillion by 2030.

The key players in the industry include companies involved in design, manufacturing and selling of automobiles. Additionally, after sales support and parts manufacturers are critical success drivers in the industry.

Moreover, auto dealers are the connecting piece between the manufacturer and the automobile buyer. They sell both used and new vehicles to meet customer demand. Dealers earn profits from vehicle sales and after sales services.

Although very little sales happen online, online advertising can boost offline conversions.

Car companies invest heavily into advertising. Thus, this niche market is beneficial for earning from google adsense.

Some popular blog topics in this niche include

  • Feature by feature comparisons of cars
  • Upgrades per model year, adding features and benefits
  • Repair and maintenance tips
  • Safe driving and automobile tips
  • Parts and functions of a car
  • Car insurance policies
  • Local driving laws and vehicle taxes
  • Notable features to look for before buying a car

Average CPC/PPC costs for automotive

Once again data from SEMRush reveals that average CPC for auto dealers in the US is $2.18. Canada has an average CPC of $1.41.

Top paying keywords for automotive

The Moz Keyword Explorer tool reveals that the highest volume keywords in the US include:

  • Cargurus – 2,671,986 searches per month
  • Autotrader – 2,494,726 searches per month
  • Carmax – 1,936,982 searches per month
  • Carvana – 1,622,052 searches per month
  • Car guru – 686,294 searches per month
  • Used cars – 556,941 searches per month.

Fitness & Health

Niches to Make Money
Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

Fitness and health still remains one of the most lucrative niches for earning from google adsense for many years. As the saying goes: “Health is wealth”.

Over the years, health experts have emphasized the importance of exercise and sports. It helps individuals maintain good physical, social and mental health. Moreover, it improves overall quality of life.

Since people want to live longer, this niche has huge demand for quality informational articles. Article ideas could include

  • Tips to maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle
  • Weight loss tips for men and women
  • Benefits of regular physical activity
  • Advice for healthy eating
  • Fitness and health guides for exercisers and instructors
  • Early morning workouts and exercises for seniors

Average CPC/PPC costs for fitness & health

SEMRush reveals that the fitness & health segment in the US has an average CPC of $1.81.

Top paying keywords for fitness & health

Based on keyword research tool Moz data, popular keywords in this niche include

  • How to lose weight – 109,092 searches per month
  • Exercise bike – 98,360 per month
  • Fitness – 81,414 monthly searches
  • Men’s health – 51,200 monthly searches
  • Fitness blender – 46,162 searches per month
  • Health news – 17, Here is the continued article:


Niches to Make Money
Top những mẫu áo quần thể thao xinh xắn

The lifestyle niche encompasses everyday habits, routines, interests and activities that reflect an individual’s way of life. Lifestyle topics attract huge readership as people seek ideas for self-improvement and enhancing quality of life.

Lifestyle blogs can explore many themes including:

  • Fashion and style tips
  • Travel guides and vacation ideas
  • Product reviews like gadgets, apps, gear etc.
  • Food and cooking
  • Relationships and dating
  • Personal growth and self-help
  • Personal finance and money management
  • Healthy habits
  • Home organization and improvement
  • Parenting and family
  • Hobbies like arts, crafts, gardening etc.

There is high demand for content that informs, inspires, entertains and helps people. Advertisers targeting consumers are happy to place ads on popular lifestyle sites. This presents money making opportunities with Google AdSense.

Average CPC/PPC costs for lifestyle

The average CPC for the lifestyle niche in the US and Canada is around $1.5 to $2. In the UK, it ranges between $0.5 to $1.5 depending on ad placement. Australia’s average CPC is $1 to $2.

Top paying keywords

Some lucrative keywords for lifestyle blogs include:

  • Craft ideas
  • Recipe ideas
  • Home decor
  • Life hacks
  • Budgeting
  • Personal development
  • Travel tips
  • Relationship advice

High search volume keywords include decor, recipes, life hacks, budgeting, crafts etc. Lifestyle topics offer a breadth of profitable keywords to target.

Pets & Animals

Niches to Make Money
Top 10 Niches to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023 & 2024

Pets are cherished family members in many households today. Pet owners care for their animals like children and spend generously on them. The pet industry has been growing steadily over the years.

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), nearly 85 million families in the United States own a pet. This niche presents a worthwhile opportunity for adsense publishers.

Some pet focused article topics include:

  • Pet care guides and tips
  • Pet nutrition and diet advice
  • Reviews of pet foods, toys, accessories
  • Pet grooming techniques
  • Pet training guides
  • Ideas and tips for pet parents
  • Veterinary information
  • Pet breeds and adoption
  • Pet photography and more

Pet care companies and brands invest in advertising to reach audiences. Hence pet-related content can earn decent revenues.

Average CPC/PPC costs for pets

The average CPC for this niche is $1 to $2 across English speaking countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Specific keywords may attract higher payments.

Lucrative keywords

Popular and high volume keywords include:

  • Dog food
  • Cat toys
  • Pet supplies
  • Dog training
  • Pet insurance
  • Veterinarian
  • Dog breeds
  • Cat breeds
  • Exotic pets

Keywords related to specific pet products, care topics and breeds also offer monetization potential.

Parenting & Family

Niches to Make Money
10 tư duy của người con hiếu thảo

The parenting and family niche has a large audience of parents seeking advice on raising children, parenting tips, family activities etc. Brands selling baby products, family holidays, insurance and more advertise in this space.

Blog topics that resonate include:

  • Pregnancy and baby care
  • Activities with kids
  • Kids health issues
  • Baby gear and products
  • Daycare and preschool
  • Raising teens
  • Special needs children
  • Single parenting
  • Adoption
  • Travel with kids
  • Saving for kids’ education

This niche provides opportunities to partner with advertisers relevant to families and earn revenues.

Average CPC/PPC

In the US, the average CPC for parenting content is around $1. For sought-after keywords it can range from $2 to $10. In other English speaking countries, the average CPC is $0.5 to $2.

Valuable keywords

  • Baby names
  • Pregnancy
  • Mom blog
  • Baby food
  • Daycare
  • Strollers
  • Kids games
  • Parenting tips
  • Scholarships for moms

Keywords related to specific parenting issues, baby products, activities etc also monetize well through AdSense.

Education & Learning

Niches to Make Money
Ngành Nghề Liên Quan đến Giáo Dục đào Tạo

The education industry presents a lucrative avenue for publishers to earn from Google AdSense. There is huge demand for information on academic programs, scholarships, test prep, educational products, distance learning, etc.

Some themes to focus educational content on include:

  • Tips for choosing a college course
  • Benefits of online education
  • Preparing for standardized tests like GRE, GMAT etc.
  • Finding scholarships and funding programs
  • Trends in education and teaching methods
  • Homeschooling guides
  • Reviews of books, apps, tools for learning
  • Learning techniques and habits
  • Jobs and career options for graduates
  • Education news and updates

Education companies and institutions spend heavily on advertising to connect with target demographics. This presents good monetization potential.

Average CPC

In the US, the average CPC for the education niche is around $1.50. For some high volume keywords, it can range from $3 to $10. In other English-speaking countries, the average CPC ranges between $0.5 to $2.

Valuable keywords

Some top keywords by volume include:

  • Scholarships – 246,000 searches per month
  • College scholarships – 201,000 searches
  • Free online courses – 135,000 searches
  • GRE – 135,000 searches
  • GMAT – 110,000 searches
  • Online colleges – 91,000 searches
  • TOEFL – 22,000 searches

keywords related to specific degree programs, tests, educational tools etc also attract good cost per click.

Technology & Computing

Niches to Make Money
Công Cụ Duyệt File Explorer Mang Phong Cách Metro

Technology is an evergreen niche with people continually looking for information on new gadgets, apps, software, programming, gaming and more. Tech companies also have large ad budgets to promote their products and services.

Some themes technology blogs can focus on include:

  • Coding and software programming languages
  • Building apps and products
  • Gaming news, reviews and tips
  • AI, robotics and emerging tech
  • Computer and phone accessories
  • Software and app tutorials
  • Tech jobs and careers
  • Data science and analytics
  • Tech events and conferences
  • Biotech trends and innovations

This space provides ample possibilities for partnering with relevant advertisers and earning revenues.

Average CPC

In the US, the average CPC for technology content is around $2. For some topics like software programming, it can range from $5 to $20. Other English speaking geographies have a similar range based on keywords.

Profitable keywords

High volume keywords include:

  • Software engineering – 368,000 searches
  • JavaScript – 246,000 searches
  • Data science – 201,000 searches
  • Gaming PC – 135,000 searches
  • Python – 110,000 searches
  • Artificial intelligence – 91,000 searches

Targeting specific high-value keywords related to programming languages, gaming, software, apps etc. can maximize earnings.

Thank all!

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